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Spar Lancashire School Games Active Mile 2021

 Spar Lancashire School Games Active Mile 2021

When: 22nd – 28th November 2021

What is it?


To celebrate Lancashire Day on the 27th November 2021, we are encouraging schools to log a Mile of physical activity from the 22nd-28th November 2021. 

You can log your mile at the bottom of this page

We are also asking parents, businesses, communities and anyone else to also get involved and support their chosen school. However instead of completing a mile, we want you to complete an active journey, replacing a journey you would normally take in the car and replace with an active journey (run, walk, cycle etc.) 

 Our Aim:

We are celebrating Birmingham 2022 and the Commonwealth Games. So to celebrate, our aim is to get 11,541 miles logged, so we can reach Wellington, New Zealand. The furthest commonwealth capital from Lancashire. Let’s do it and get Lancashire moving!

Miles and active journey’s logged will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of sports equipment for your chosen school!


What is the Active Mile & How to log your mile (Schools)?

Whether you run, skip, hop, cycle or any other way imaginable to complete a mile, we want children to go outdoors and complete a mile of activity in school. We want children and school staff to get involved in completing the mile! 

What is the Active Journey & How to log your journey?

Where this differs from the school engagement, is we want you to complete an Active journey. We want you to log a journey which you normally would use a car or motorbike, and we want to know how you completed this journey, whether that is by walking, running, cycling etc.

This journey could be the school drop off, your commute to work, or a trip down the shop! Let's be active and less reliant on jumping in the car! Log your active journey at the bottom of this page!

Each active journey logged will be added to the mile total! Let's get to a combined figure of 11,541 miles and active journey's!


For more information and full terms and conditions for the prize draw please click here