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An evaluation of: Pupil voice: Using Creative Engagement to co-design Sport and Physical Activity in Alternative Provisions

22nd July 2022
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This article is a reflection on the process and delivery of the 'Be the Boss' programme funded by The School Games (B2022). This programme was delivered to 3 alternative provisions across East Lancashire engaging with 21 students across KS3. Below we have captured feedback from teaching staff and pupils, as well as our reflections and experiences we took from the process.

First Session ‘Meet and Greet’

Active Lancashire to meet with the pupils to explain the research project and ask questions to build a quick understanding of the young people’s interests. This session involved using coffee cups and post it notes to get answers to simple questions around their perception of physical activity, motivations and barriers. 

The initial session using the coffee cups proved to be a great ice breaker. A bribe and a distraction while we extracted information from the young people, giving us time to get to know them, and overhear conversations between them and their peers. It allowed pupils to become more comfortable in our presence, to get an idea of what we planned to do in the next 2 sessions and prevented them being too suspicious of us! The information received at this stage was simple but important to find out the individual’s thoughts and feelings around physical activities in a casual environment.


Amount of space to write on coffee cups, ensuring that the young people used the correct cup, storage of the used cups, risk of the cup being thrown away, legibility, cost.

Responses predominately included words such as:

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